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Call House of Love Youth Home Receptionist at (414) 466-4077.  Provide your name, training date and class title.  There is a 20-person max per class.  Registration is highly recommended.



To receive the most value out of the training it is important to arrive on time and not leave early.  Employees are expected to remain for the entire training session.  Employees will be given a 15 minute grace period from the start time, after that time sign-in sheets will be removed.  Certificates will be handed out at the end of the session.  Make sure your supervisor receives a copy of the certificate.


  • First Choice Safety Service  – 6324 W. Fond Du Lac Ave




  • CPR, First Aid, & AED Adults $55.00 (Discount group rates are available. Please call to discuss)

  • Residential/CBRF Fire Safety Training – Adults $65.00

  • Residential/CBRF Medication Training - $90.00

  • Crisis Intervention and Physical De-escalation $45.00

  • All other caregiver workshops $25.00 (Discount group rates are available. Please call to discuss.)


First Choice Safety Services works with only the most qualified instructors

Thomasina Jenkins - Mental Health Trainer

Julette Francis-Wade - Caregiver Trainer, CPR, Medication & Fire Safety Instructor

Sedoria Outlaw- Caregiver Trainer

Undraye Howard - Crisis Prevention Trainer

Pam McNealy - CPR Instructor

Mary Brock - Documentation Trainer

Sharon Riley - CPR Instructor

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2019 GH Training Calendar Jan to Dec 201
2019 GH Training Calendar Jan to Dec 201
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